Norgay HR is your outsource partner for HR management and business success.

We take the hassle and stress out of people management, compliance, and HR paperwork so you can get on with running and building your business with confidence.

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Many Australian SMEs start their successful HR transformation with Norgay HR's Comprehensive HR Audit to identify any risks or gaps in their current HR activities:

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HR Audit
  • Highlights the potential impact of poor and potentially costly people decisions
  • Makes top level recommendations on how best to address issues
  • Identifies opportunities to achieve best-practice status across the board
  • Establishes the extent to which your business requires Norgay HR's services to meet goals and budget

Navigate legislation, mitigate risk, and reduce exposure.

Our cloud-based HR management platform delivers all the administration and Work Health & Safety (WH&S) provisions, processes, and documentation you need to stay compliant and up-to-date with hiring, entitlements, legal obligations, and more.

Norgay HR is backed by respected workplace lawyers, providing total compliance and protection for business owners.

Should you need additional assistance, you can access our network of complementary providers including EAP, Employment Lawyers, Mediators, Recruiters, and Coaches.

Plans & Recommendations
  • Contracts & WH&S
  • Policy Handbooks
  • Technology
Issue Management
  • Unfair dismissal claims
  • Redundancies/exits
  • Underperformance

Attract, nurture, and retain the right talent for your business.

Incorporate our proven Pre-Employment Assessment into your recruitment process to ensure you attract the right talent, reduce the hiring timeframe, and minimise the chance of any poor decisions being made.

Once staff are hired they enjoy a great onboarding experience and are engaged via a self-service portal.

Individual performance and career development programs are designed to support your business goals and ensure everyone understands what’s expected of them and can see how their career can progress with you — which is a key driver for retention.

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Defining Goals & Values
  • Strategic
  • Role-Based
  • Personal
Success Defined
  • Job Descriptions
  • Career Roadmaps
  • KPIs
  • Self
  • Manager
  • Peer
  • Relative
  • Relative

Help your people to realise their full potential.

Make sure people are working in the right way and you can manage poor performance effectively.

Our leadership methodology helps boost productivity and improve team performance. We analyse employees’ strengths, development needs and engagement levels, then provide practical guidelines based on individual worker profiles to help managers motivate and retain staff.

Performance reports help managers understand and refine their own behaviours, with the goal of maximising their full leadership potential.

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Employee Feedback
  • Engagement Analysis
  • “Stay” Interviews
  • Exit Interviews
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Management Skills
  • Succession Planning

If you’re finding it harder to hire or retain the right people for your business, it’s time to talk to Norgay HR.

1 in 4

Australian employees are considering leaving their current place of employment.

40+ %

of employed Australians are regularly still working from home.

29 %

of Australian employees face some kind of mental health struggle, impacting their ability to work.

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What our clients say

”Norgay HR is always on hand to provide us with the HR support needed. They also have a strong appreciation for maintaining our culture of informality and innovation. We recently completed our largest acquisition and the team at Norgay HR did a fantastic job supporting us on the people-side of the whole process.”

Tony Lynch
Chief Commercial Officer , FinClear.

“Like many businesses in the SME sector, the impact of COVID-19 was felt early on, well before JobKeeper and other government support schemes were announced. With information changing constantly, we came to rely on our new partnership with Norgay HR to steer us through that difficult period when it came to looking after our team.”

Paul Sprokkreeff
Managing Director, Webprofits

“The understanding, supportive and professional help I have received from Clare has been amazing. To be able to talk through options for the small business I work in has been very helpful in these unprecedented times especially in our travel industry. Thank you Clare Long”

Emma Sullivan
Manager, Weston Cruise & Travel

“I know that Norgay HR support a number of clients, however, their quick responses, their calmness and practical advice to deal with COVID-19 made me feel like my business was a priority and I would recommend them to any business owner looking for HR advice in calm waters or in crisis”

Greg Natale
Greg Natale Design

“If you are a business faced with the decisions that I was faced with as a result of COVID-19, I would strongly recommend Norgay HR to you as a knowledgeable, pragmatic, calm and empathetic partner to your business at this difficult time.”

Deb L
Weston Cruise & Travel

“First impressions count. From the minute we engaged Norgay I knew we had made the right decision and that Clare and her team were the right people to make sure we were looking after our team and our business. They understood our concerns but also set out a framework that we feel is realistic and workable. I feel comfortable that Norgay has our back but will also keep us out in front”

Sean Russo
MD / Principal , Noah's Rule

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We take the hassle and stress out of people management, compliance and HR paperwork so you can get on with running and building your business with confidence.

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