Controlled, Consistent and Compliant HR Practices

Lara Calder

Managing Director, Calder Flower Architects

Situation Before

I had so many questions about people’s legal entitlements, and was concerned about potential business exposure as a result of employment contracts and other compulsory documentation being out of date, or non-existent.

Like many business owners, we had no idea about this area at all and it fell on my shoulders to try to work it out. There was no consistency in our approach to HR management, and we had no-one to turn to for guidance when issues arose around performance or any other people related matter.


Norgay HR took us through a HR audit process, identifying gaps in our current practices and processes. They ran our first staff feedback process which provided us with great insight about how our staff were feeling – at the time we were going through a leadership change, so this insight was important to manage instability that can occur during such an event.

Norgay HR implemented a cost effective HR technology platform and today the Norgay HR manage all aspects of HR administration, on-boarding and induction of new staff and ensure that we manage the people side of our business in compliance with the various legislative frameworks that businesses need to work within.

Norgay HR designed our new career review process incorporating the feedback from staff, and the same technology platform runs this electronically and in a streamlined way.

For the first time, we were introduced to tools to enhance leadership capability and to help us in our selection of candidates as we embarked on a period of business growth.

Situation Today

Our working partnership means that we can call on the Norgay HR team when we need direction or advice on any aspect of HR management within the business.

It’s really nice when we get a new person joining the team. That whole onboarding process is managed so well in a very personal way making the first experience with us a very positive one for new staff.

I used to think that the HR area could be handled by the front of house administration person. I now know that it’s better to have access to someone who is completely across that space. Things change all the time, and you need to be active in that space to keep up to date with those changes.

Norgay HR is across all of those changes and that’s what we rely on them for.

I don’t worry about a thing now, it’s all taken care of.

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