Cutting Down Administrative Burden

Georgie White

Practice Manager
Northwest Family Medical

Situation Before

Before we began working with Norgay HR we had many questions about managing the human resources side of our busy Medical Practice and we were also keen to ensure that we were adhering to employment legislation.

We found the various legislative frameworks confusing, and we struggled to keep up with the changes.

How Norgay HR Helped Us

We were introduced to Clare Long and her team and after an initial meeting we were presented with an option for Human Resources support that made sense for the Practice.

Today we have access to a professional, experienced HR team who respond to any question that we have, or issue that arises, relating to human resources management.

The support model included the implementation of a cost effective HR technology platform which gives us access to consistent and compliant documents and templates that we need to run our Practice.

In any Medical Practice in Australia there are mandatory requirements for continuing professional development (CPD) and the need to stay on top of the various registrations that need to be maintained.  Where once this placed a heavy burden on my time, our adoption of the HR technology recommended to us by Norgay HR means that this aspect of Practice compliance is easily managed, freeing me up significantly to focus on the clinical operations of the Practice.

The Situation Today

Our partnership with Norgay HR means that we can call on the team when we need direction or advice on any aspect of HR management within the Practice. It was the expertise that we really needed but that we didn’t have.

Today, that limitation no longer exists for us.

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