How We Changed this Business Owner’s Life

Matthew Kwoka

Managing Director, Southern Cross Funerals

Situation Before

I had a very difficult member of staff who was not performing her job and her overall behaviour was having a very negative impact on other members of my team. At the time, I had a subscription to a HR advisory business. I called them for advice, and was told that I would need to performance manage the staff member. Their instructions implied that this would be a risky and long term process that could potentially cost my business a significant amount of money. That was something I had to avoid so I kept the staff member on board hoping that the problems would resolve themselves. However, things got worse.


I was referred to Clare by another small business owner, and after just one conversation, she had recommended an approach that presented no financial risk to the business. She also sat alongside me during the termination discussion – something I could not get the HR advisory business to do. Clare managed the conversation very professionally despite a very antagonistic response from the individual concerned. We concluded the process with no financial impact to my small business.

Situation Today

Having this person out of my business has quite frankly changed my life. A huge distraction has been removed and the heightened levels of anxiety that the situation was causing me are no longer there. I have stopped paying the HR advisory business and now rely on Clare and her team at Norgay HR exclusively for any ongoing HR support.

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