How we Discovered an Prevented a Leadership Crisis

How we Discovered and Prevented a Leadership Crisis


Our client is a privately owned bookkeeping firm of 15 staff and growing. This business is highly successful and has grown rapidly. Based on current pipeline, that growth is set to continue.

The Challenge

Given the rapid growth experienced by this young, technically savvy firm, the CEO was keen to assess the workplace to gain insight into the level of satisfaction of the team working within the business to inform the Human Resources program of work and investment.

The Solution

NorgayHR Consulting recommended an organisational wide survey process using the STAR Workplace Program. There were 3 steps to the process:

  1. A facilitated workshop with the business leaders to measure their satisfaction with the workplace and how well the team were working together to make business strategy happen.
  2. All employees completed an online survey designed to find out what employees think about the workplace and any suggestions for improvement.
  3. The STAR Results Meeting was conducted with the business leaders to evaluate the report results and agree an action plan based on those results. All staff were then invited to participate in that action plan process.

Outcomes Achieved

  1. A rating was awarded to the business based on the STAR Workplace Program results. This rating is compared to other Australian providing a benchmark score upon which to improve upon.
  2. The survey process provided a starting point measure of organisational health. The process will be repeated annually to track performance and improvement.
  3. A client engagement plan was developed prioritising effort and investment in those areas identified as most important through the survey process.
  4. As a result of specific feedback on selection of staff, pre-recruitment assessment has been formalised as part of the recruitment process. All hiring managers have undergone the same assessment process, ensuring optimum fit between hiring manager and short-list candidates.
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