HR for Small Business

Luke Finlay

Wholegrain Milling Co

Situation Before

Being a small business we didn’t have the resources to dedicate to the area of human resource management. We already had our plates fully loaded – we were wearing many hats and we found that we were spending a lot of time trying to manage this area without being equipped to do so.

Before we began working with Norgay HR there was no consistency in our approach to HR Management. There was no one template for employment contracts, our policies were not up to date, and we had no guidance for dealing with the inevitable issues that can arise. We were also faced with a number of risky people issues to deal with, and despite our best efforts we felt that we weren’t handling those situations in a way that minimised risk to the business.


Norgay HR took us through a comprehensive HR Audit process, identifying gaps in our current practices and processes. Recommendations were made which we are in the process of working through with their support. One of those recommendations was the implementation of a cost effective HR technology platform to replace our ad hoc approach to documentation management, and to provide us access to any template or process we may need to manage the day to day HR administration tasks.

Our working partnership means that we can call up the Norgay HR team when we need direction or advice on any aspect of HR management within the business.

Situation Today

We’ve put on quite a few people in the last 12 months. With Norgay HR now managing the onboarding of new staff, the process has been seamless. We’ve yet to have a complaint about how the process has been handled and from our perspective it’s saved management a lot of time. It used to take us weeks chasing up new staff to sign their contracts, or to provide us with their information. Now we don’t do that legwork anymore. With Norgay HR managing this process, we know that everything is in place.

Today we have access to consistent templates, as well as professional HR experience to tap into when we need it. We have the confidence that any interaction we have with an employee is being handled correctly, and any documentation we hand over has been generated by professionals.

It was the expertise that we really needed, but that we didn’t have. Our business is located in rural NSW and that geographic limitation meant we were fishing from a relatively small pond for that expertise.

The working partnership with the team at Norgay HR means that those limitations no longer exist for us.

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