Travel Cancelled


Our client is a multi-award winning travel business employing 8 staff.  The business is particularly well know for their cruise packages and expertise, and have been award recipients for cruise travel many times over.

The Challenge

Then came along COVID-19.  The impact was immediate and devastating.  The CEO found herself having to make quick decisions about all aspects of the business to set it up to come out the other end of the pandemic.  One of the most overwhelming areas was understanding her options and obligations when it came to staff in an environment which was changing day by day.

The Solution

Working with the available information, we began by helping our client to navigate through the various government packages available to support her business to survive.  Mindful always of the increased risk of future HR and legal claims, we guided our client through her options and backed up her decisions with the necessary documentation and processes.

The Outcome

Although the difficult decision was made to reduce headcount we facilitated that process in a way that ensured that high performing staff were not amongst those to leave the business.  Ensuring business continuity in crisis management mode requires the right team and we applied objectivity and our expertise to critically assess who should be on that team to manage the crisis today and to grow the business in the future.

Like many businesses, this travel client has had to make adjustments. With travel budgets cut, and travel restrictions in place, our client has adjusted their brand’s message to relate more to what travel options are available.

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