Growing Your Business

Growing a business is a bit like climbing a mountain. You only get to the top using a critical blend of care, confidence and expertise. Stamina and a stubborn streak keep you going; light feet and eagle eyes help you avoid the crevasses. But when you get to the top . . . you remember why you were so determined to make it happen.

The view is amazing, you’ve discovered your own strengths and opportunity awaits.

Getting there, though, is one heck of a journey.

Growing pains

Remember that phrase: Be careful what you wish for? Many a small business owner echoes it on their way to success. 

Like the mountain climb, the elation of reaching a plateau can ebb away as you face the enormity of the task still ahead. It’s cold (you’ve lost that coveted personal touch), foggy (you can’t see the workers for the paperwork) and pretty lonely (you discover your team has fallen into a snow drift along the way).

The reality for small business owners can be harsh. You simply get to the point of maturity where you can’t keep doing everything yourself. Your workforce is growing, along with a raft of human resource problems which come with – well, with being human.

It’s time to bring in the big guns – experienced, agile guides who have tramped the route many times before.

Growing support

Let me introduce myself. I’m Clare Long, Principal Consultant at Norgay HR. My team and I have many years of experience working across all aspects of Human Resources.  

We are also pretty nimble when it comes to climbing the business mountain. 

Norgay HR is named after Tenzing Norgay, the Sherpa guide who led Sir Edmund Hillary to the summit of Mount Everest. Why? I led a business owner up and over his own HR learning peak, leading him to brand me ‘a bit of a Norgay’ – with just the right blend of stamina, confidence, expertise and sheer stubbornness to blaze a trail through the snow.

Specialist HR 

Outsourcing your Human Resources can transform the functioning of your SME organisation. You win back time and space to focus on core business activities while we look after every aspect of your people management. We:

  • Cover legal obligations and staff entitlements
  • Create HR policies from scratch
  • Refresh outdated and non-compliant HR practices
  • Provide consistency in all areas of people management
  • Inject our skills and expertise into your HR function
  • Use advanced cloud-based platforms
  • Overhaul under-performing or ill-utilised teams
  • Help you make strong, creative hiring decisions
  • Protect you from legal action by staff members
  • Update your entire library of employment documentation.
  • Maximise compliance and minimise risk.

Tenzing was the ultimate guide – knowledgeable, trusted, foot-sure, insistent yet calm. In the Tenzing spirit, my team and I support people to reach their full potential and fulfil their entrepreneurial dreams. 

Are you ready to embark on the journey?

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