How to Align Your Team after an Acquisition

The deal is done. A new company is born. Yet the real work of aligning employees has only just started.
How will you align your teams without a strategy? Even if you have a strategy in place, do you know how to communicate it effectively?

Getting your strategy right

There are several steps to take when rolling out your strategy.

The MD/CEO announcement

This all-important announcement is essential to start the process. Be concise, welcoming and remember to stick to the script. Tell people clearly why the acquisition is happening, the expected timelines, and how it will affect different groups of people.

Staff Q&A

Welcome questions from employees. Give answers which are as truthful and positive as possible. Encourage ongoing feedback from workers, using an ‘open door’ policy. Introduce the work culture you want to entrench as the company movies ahead.

Welcome packs

Create helpful and friendly welcome packs, with all the information you think workers will need. Explain new rules and procedures. Outline the benefits workers can expect to see in their new workplace.


If you are having to let people go, it’s important to do this in a timely and respectful way. Be clear about what’s going to happen, and considerate of people’s feelings.

Start off on the right foot

Schedule those all-important CEO/MD meetings for day one. This ensures no time is lost in laying the new ground rules and building new relationships.

Take a pulse check

Be clear about the key messages you want to communicate to your new combined workforce. List all concerns you want to raise at the first MD meeting.

Be visible

Make sure your leaders are visible in the new organisation, and that everyone has a role in the company as it grows. Communicate the message that leaders are available and inclusive, so employees can make their voices heard.

Don’t we all want the same thing?

The goal is to get everyone working together, towards the same objectives – as soon as possible.
Once everyone in the business is aligned to what’s important to the business, the synergy really starts.

How do we do this in practice?

Launch your career development program

Now is a great time to lay out a career development program, showing employees they are part of something bigger.

Take the OKR approach

Use a goal management framework to set out your objectives and key results. We can show you how to use OKR for greater productivity, transparency and strategic alignment.

Keep it simple

Start small and keep it simple. You can tweak as you go, adding layers of sophistication as you master each step.

Invest in the right technology

It’s worth doing your homework to introduce the right workplace software. The initial time and expense will bring rich rewards in team collaboration and productivity down the track.

If you need helping navigating an acquisition, reach out for professional HR help today.