Selecting the Right People

Like attracts like in the world of commerce. If you fill your business with people who share your beliefs, goals and work ethic, you’re likely to end up with a truly dynamic organisation. 

If only it always worked like this in practice!

You know people are your number one asset. So, why do 46% of new hires fail within 18 months and only 19% turn out to be top performers, according to a Leadership IQ study?

Turning the hiring tide

We can help you get it right. Norgay HR Consulting takes the guesswork out of hiring, using a precision pre-employment assessment process. 

This introduces the objectivity you need to make smarter recruitment decisions. 

Pre-employment testing allows you to assess a broad range of applicable skills and personality traits, helping you zero in on the key attributes of top talent.

 As a result, you win the attitude and drive which fits your unique business culture . . . helping to shape the leaders of the future.

Combined with face-to-face interviews, pre-employment assessments greatly increase your chance of finding the best people for your business. 

After all, great people grow great businesses.


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