Turning Today’s Managers into Tomorrow’s Leaders

Turning Today’s Managers into Tomorrow’s Leaders

Managers and leaders are not the same, though they share key characteristics. Managers follow while leaders blaze a trail. Managers uphold the status quo, while leaders challenge it.

Yet managers can develop genuine leadership skills, given the right training and tools. This can help you achieve a balance of transactional and transformational skills within your organisation.

Defining managers and leaders

In workplace terms, managers tend to be system-based, dependable, and across daily detail, they keep their eye on the bottom line. They control people and events by keeping a focus on performance and administration.

Leaders, on the other hand, are innovators and originals. They aspire to big-picture objectives, with a long-term vision. Their goal is to inspire trust and aspiration in their people.

Developing managers into leaders

Employees are often promoted into managerial roles, without appropriate training and support.

Their technical expertise and strong transactional skills may set them up as good managers. However, they may lack the transformational attributes needed to become effective leaders.

The right leadership development assessments can offer unique insights into your people’s make-or-break qualities. Will they be an asset or a hindrance in a leadership role?

Harrison Assessments drill down into four key areas, to determine whether leaders have the right stuff. They probe emerging leader competencies, senior leader competencies, paradoxical leadership skills, and management assessments.

The results will help you develop people managers into organisational assets. It will be easier to align team members, management, and C-suite with the organisation’s broader objectives.

Every investment you make in your leaders will increase the agility and versatility of your organisation. This allows you to respond more quickly to ever-changing market conditions.

At Norgay HR Consulting, we use a variety of tools and techniques, including Harrison Assessments, to help develop leaders for our clients. If you’re keen to build your leadership capability, contact us.