From Start-Up to Sold


Our client operates in a highly competitive sector of the IT industry. This Australian software company blends cutting edge design, robust training methodology and an in-depth understanding of key industry principles to offer a product suite that has no competition in its field.

The Challenge

With the ultimate goal of selling the business, the business owner was looking to embed a human resources framework to maximise the value of the business to potential investors and buyers.


NorgayHR conducted an audit of the HR operating model.  Significant gaps were identified:

  • Employment documentation was not compliant with the Fair Work Act or National Employment Standards.
  • High risk employee claims of bullying and harassment.
  • Low levels of leadership maturity and potentially unlawful leadership behaviours.
  • Lack of consistent HR practices
  • (As with many growing businesses) The business owner was managing all aspects of HR, struggling to navigate the complexities of the changing HR legislative environment and taking his focus away from the ultimate goal of growing the business for sale.

The Solution

NorgayHR implemented our preferred software platform to ensure compliance and management of day to day administrative aspects of employee and contractor relationships.

As a retained client, NorgayHR attend monthly management meetings ensuring a proactive approach to HR management and support to people leaders.  The model has enabled he CEO to delegate leadership responsibilities to a new management team, and to proactively manage any employee issues before they escalate to a more serious level.

Our client achieved their goal of attracting a buyer to purchase the business.  NorgayHR continue to support the business on a retained basis.

Outcomes Achieved

  • Relaunched all employment contracts and Human Resources policies to conform to legislative requirements.
  • Bullying and harassment claims were formerly managed in accordance with the Act with no legal or financial impact on the business.
  • Enhanced new staff onboarding process through a streamlined approach to contract management and induction.
  • Significantly improved consistency in managing various aspects of employee management.
  • Provided leadership coaching and support to new management team.
  • Redesigned and launched new online performance and career development programme.
  • Responded to and managed numerous staff and management queries.
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