People form the core of every successful business. Yet your people also present the biggest headaches in terms of compliance, loyalty, team-building and leadership.

That’s why we’ve developed an advanced outsourcing model which takes the stress out of selecting, managing, progressing and retaining top talent. 

Our outsourced HR service frees you up to focus on the things you do best, whatever your sector, specialty or market. This taps the extraordinary potential of your business. Just imagine the scope to analyse problems, set new performance targets and boost productivity, while trusted experts find cost-effective, lasting solutions for every HR challenge.

Norgay HR’s outsourced support model helps trim your budget, streamline operations and bring out the star quality in your team.

We help our clients craft clear, targeted organizational strategies in alignment with business priorities. Then we ensure a smooth and productive roll-out which incorporates every aspect of your organization.

Experience Counts

We have over 60 years combined experience working as Human Resources professionals advising hundreds of business owners and leaders on thousands of human resources questions, issues and strategies. It’s a critical part of our model – our clients want to know they are dealing with a team that know what they’re doing.

Transparency & Integrity

Our delivery model was created because of seeing too many small to medium businesses being sold over priced and incorrect advice whilst being locked into long term contracts. We approach every situation with transparency and integrity, even if it means we sometimes have to deliver a tough message.

Calm Is Contagious

Let’s face it, as a business owner or leader looking for HR advice on sometimes very tricky and sensitive situations, you are likely to be a bit anxious. The last thing you need is to feel that from your HR expert. Because we are a highly experienced and tight-knit team we know that if we haven’t faced a particular situation before, someone else in the team is likely to have done so. That allows us to deliver pragmatic advice that supports your unique situation.