Harrison Assessments

Harrison Assessments provides a unique assessment methodology which enables business to increase productivity, retain talent and build effective teams. Managers receive a complete job analysis of an employee’s strengths and development needs assessed against their job profile. But it doesn’t stop there – Harrison also provides managers with practical guidelines for motivating, retaining and coaching, guidelines that are specific to each individual employee.

The Team reports provide managers with a clear understanding of their own behaviours and how those impact other team members. By mapping managers’ as well as their teams’ behaviours against key principles of leadership, managers can immediately start with practical actions for building effective working relationships. Visit Norgay HR Consulting’s page on Harrison Assessments

Insider Insights to Hiring an HR Consultant.

“The understanding, supportive and professional help I have received from Clare has been amazing. To be able to talk through options for the small business I work in has been very helpful in these unprecedented times especially in our travel industry. Thank you Clare Long”

Emma Sullivan
Manager, Weston Cruise & Travel

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