Move Forward…One Conversation At A Time

“I feel like I’m stuck”, “We’ve reached a stalemate”, “I don’t know how to move forward”.

All statements made by clients that we’ve worked with on HR related issues. Issues that were at best highly distracting and time consuming, and at worst, holding the business back.

What real conversations should be happening in your business that are not?

Susan Scott in her book Fierce Conversations quotes “If you’re drilling for water, it’s better to drill a 100-foot well than 100 one-foot wells”. A real conversation needs to get to the main issue, the fundamental, underlying reality. She describes a fierce conversation as a “mineral rights” conversation that drills right down to the bedrock.

Business is fundamentally an extended conversation – with peers, customers, and team members. While many fear “real”, it is the unreal conversation that should be feared – unreal conversations can be expensive. I’m sure we can all reflect on a situation when ignoring a pressing issue has cost us dearly.

Conversations are the work of a leader. In order to lead effectively, leaders must have conversations that interrogate reality, provoke learning, tackle tough challenges and build effective relationships. A conversation is no place to hide – it ought to be about, and grounded in, truth.